Artist Bio

About Larry Smukler

Larry Smukler received his MFA from Maine Media College in May of 2019. His part of the two-person exhibition, Immediate Whole, was recognized for evoking feelings of loss, longing and the passing of time. His photographs transform ordinary moments into expressions of mystery.

Smukler was introduced to photography by his father. He has made photographs ever since. Now retired from a profession that required him to be detached, thoughtful, and measured, Smukler embraces the opportunity for self-expression.

In addition to Immediate Whole, Smukler’s work has been exhibited in the juried Golden Hour exhibition at the Maine Media Gallery, in the juried Portal exhibition at the A Smith Gallery (where his image Tightrope received the Director’s Honorable Mention), and in the 2019 International Juried Exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art.

Artist Statement

In the unquiet stillness of my photographs, I explore the ache of longing, the tenderness of intimacy, the foreboding of loss, the inevitable measure of time’s passage. Past, present and future fuse into an immediate whole.

 I am drawn to the light and the shadows—a burst of sun through a doorway, a beckoning window in a nighttime storm, a woman fading in the fog. The light does not illuminate the rich black background; rather, it is the subject itself, allowing me to create an emotional space poised on the edge of bursting. Ordinary moments become extraordinary as they are transformed into photographs where time and memory pulse in an endless now.